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Through my clinical offices I offer my services as an Herbalist, Intuitive, Diet Specialist, Vega testing for foods and comprehensive organ screening, and Iridology, as well as providing Bach Flower Remedies, Cleansing Programs, General Health Maintenance and more. I work with people of all ages and deal with all health issues from A to Z.

I believe that Wholistic healing should be about helping people understand what is happening to their bodies, and what they can do to help improve body, mind and spirit. Listening to their needs and helping to facilitate results is what I do best.

As a clinical health practitioner for over 38 years, I have been rewarded with the success of many people who have dealt with a wide variety of problems.

Using herbs for more than 40 years, I still enjoy how they speak to me. I have also become more and more in touch with my Intuitive side and now find people frequently requesting this service.


 I am encouraged by my clients to offer more in experiential and educational programs. Thus I am now offering the Health and Harmony Healing Holiday.




Mary Anne offers services as an Herbalist, Intuitive, Diet Specialist, and Iridologist, as well as providing Bach Flower Remedies, Cleansing Programs and General Health Maintenance to clients in the Comox Valley. Please contact her at  250-897-0055 to book an appointment.

The office is conveniently located at 949 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay BC.
Parking and entry are at the back of the building.

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Vancouver Island's
best kept secret...

Health and Harmony
Healing Holiday

Join us, feel younger, more alive, a tranquil setting where your spirit can soar. Learn how to safely and easily build a healthy body, clear mind and recapture vitality.

Live the experience

A holiday that's worth living for! 

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